Training Fees

We are an all-volunteer organization. Instructors donate their time and do not receive any compensation. Monthly dues are used to pay for our facilities and to support the training. No contract or long term commitment is required.

In addition to monthly dues, a one-time Ki Society membership fee is collected when you begin training.

Making training available to everyone, regardless of financial situation, is one of our goals. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please speak with an instructor when you visit us.

Monthly Dues

fees monthly
fees aikido
fees ki
fees children
Adults $55.00  
Post Secondary Students $35.00  
Children (one child) $25.00    
Children (additional Siblings) $15.00    
  indicates the classes included in a monthly dues type.

Other Fees

A one-time Ki Society membership fee is collected when you begin training. Once you have taken your first Ki Development test, there is a small annual fee which is forwarded to Ki Society Headquarters in Japan. You will be registered as a Ki Society member and will receive a membership card. Ki Society membership is recognized at Ki Society schools the world over.

Adult Ki and Aikido testing fees are paid when a test is taken.

Family Discounts

The first family member pays the full monthly fee. Additional family members get a $10.00 discount. The maximum monthly dues for a single family is $100.00.

Special for New Adult Students

New adult members may take advantage of a one-time special offer of $99.00 for 3 months of unlimited training, or $189.00 for 6 months of unlimited training. This amounts to a 40% savings when compared to the normal $55.00 a month fee.

A training uniform (called a Gi) may be purchased at the dojo at cost (price varies by size) or can be purchased from an outside source.